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Get Focused Stay Focused!Today, quality online professional development is an option educators seek. In a recent poll More of educators who have adopted the Career Choices series and the Get Focused...Stay Focused!® program model, 52 percent said they preferred online learning.

For 30 years, Academic Innovations has been known for its high-quality professional development by training over 30,000 educators in hundreds of workshops, institutes, and conferences. We have now taken that wealth of content and experience and developed online support so EVERY educator can receive the highest quality training, even if they can't leave their classroom or campus for a traditional workshop. More For the last two and a half years, the team at Academic Innovations has been busy developing and refining our capacity-building options for both our face-to-face and our online learning opportunities for educators.

A Plan for Achieving Your PD Goals
A Plan for Achieving Your PD GoalsZoom
From our long experience tracking the success of our schools, we know those who provide their staff with professional development at the launch of the program and then continuing throughout the rollout of the Get Focused...Stay Focused!® school-wide initiative are the schools that make major impacts on the lives of their students with increased completion rates and academic achievement. Quality professional development also increases the teacher satisfaction with their jobs.

So every educator has the opportunity to take advantage of these proven curriculums and program strategies, we are pleased to offer the following enhanced online learning options:

Annual School Site License Options
Online Professional Development Opportunities
My10yearPlan.comEach option above can be licensed or contracted separately.

Premium Teachers' Lounge access $199
per site per year
Academic Innovations University
school site license
per site per year
with corresponding textbooks and online access
per person
per course
60-minute customized online coaching session $150
per session
(including prep)

And to make these professional development opportunities even more affordable, we are now offering:

    The Teachers' Lounge
    Academic Innovations University
    Academic Innovations University
NEW Professional Development Premium Bundle

Introducing the Professional Development Premium Bundle from Academic InnovationsZoom

The Professional Development Premium Bundle (PDPB) includes annual: Plus available ONLY on PDPB you get: A great value: $1,400+ in professional development for only $499.

Premium Teachers' Lounge access $199
per site per year
Academic Innovations University
school site license
per site per year
Three eCourses
with corresponding textbooks and online access
$249 per person
per course
60-minute customized online coaching session $150
per session
(including prep)
if purchased separately

Then, add the 10 percent savings on any attendance at an Academic Innovations sponsored event (workshop, institute, or conference) or contracting for an onsite workshop at your school and district, along with the the 10-Step Planning tool only available on the PDPB, and this could increase your savings by hundreds of additional dollars.

How can it work for your school?
Here is a case study of one way a school can take advantage of the Professional Development Premium Bundle.

Let's say a school has been using Career Choices for at least a year. They are interested in going to the next level of the Get Focused...Stay Focused!® school-wide program. Here's what they can do easily with a license to the Professional Development Premium Bundle:
  1. A 60-minute personalized coaching session via phone or Webex. The leadership team meets virtually for the one-hour online meeting with an Academic Innovations curriculum support advisor to develop a yearlong professional development plan for the whole school using the tools in the Professional Development Premium Bundle package.

  2. The Online 10-Step Plan for Implementing a Get Focused...Stay Focused!® or Freshman Transition program, is used by the leadership teams for systematic, step-by-step, best practice strategies as they finalize their detailed plans.

  3. Three eCourses of their choice. The three eCourses are used by:

  4. The Teachers' Lounge. Because the goal is for the whole school to use® for advisory and academic coaching, all staff on campus are assigned the appropriate Quick Start Study Guide for Guidance on the Teachers' Lounge so they understand the basics of academic coaching strategies and accessing®.

  5. Academic Innovations University's video tutorials. In department meetings, the professional development continues to support all staff with the PLC-type activities included in the Academic Innovations University video tutorials.

  6. The rollout of the Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Follow-Up Modules. Because the school also wants to start or enhance their Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Follow-Up Modules, all staff teaching the units in their academic classes are assigned the Quick Start Study Guide for Follow-Up Modules. The video tutorials are then shared in their department PLC meeting.

  7. Whole-school professional development for all stakeholders (staff, parents, and school board members). The whole school would continue throughout the year to have access to the 100+ video tutorials on Academic Innovations University. Many of these can be shown at staff meetings, parent nights, and at community meetings.
during the COVID-19 shelter-in-place mandates

During this period when we are all required to stay home and work remotely, we want to help you make the best use of this time. Why not spend time preparing for the next school year with our quality online professional development tools?

For Professional Development Premium Bundles contracted now, we will:
That’s up to three months free!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!
You have nothing to lose. If you are not totally happy with this opportunity, you can cancel your contract at any time between now and July 30th, and your invoice will be canceled. (Just return any textbooks included in the ecourses).

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