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The Lead Teacher/Lead Administrator Professional Development Resources and Plan

Consistency of content is the biggest challenge for any professional development provider.

As a result, most professional development is provided by experts who travel to your site to conduct workshops and presentations or your staff attends off-site Professional Development events.  But for educators, this is costly, not only financially, but also in time spent away from the school and the classroom. And, this makes it difficult to reinforce learning through ongoing efforts.

Research shows that the best professional development is sustained, ongoing support.

To address these limitations, the Career Choices Lead Teacher/Lead Administrator
eCourse along with the Academic innovations University video tutorials
were designed to develop “home grown” educational leaders who can deliver ongoing, quality professional development for their school teams at their own site.

With Academic Innovations' University's video tutorials for the Career Choices curriculum and the Get Focused...Stay Focused! program, professional development content can be delivered onsite by a lead teacher, at any time, with little additional preparation.

Now a staff member with good facilitation skills and the desire to make a difference can step up and be groomed for a leadership role that can facilitate growth and change as school implement their Get Focused...Stay Focused program.

Empowering Teachers as Leaders

School redesign efforts require more than structural changes; improvement is the result of what happens between teachers and students. However, even seasoned teachers need strong curriculum supports, time to focus on their own classroom performance, and a culture that encourages collaborative learning as part of their professional development.

To underscore their redesign efforts, many schools are creating professional learning communities (PLCs). A Career Choices Lead Teacher can provide a vehicle for this ongoing, inquiry-based learning model by:

The Lead Teacher/Lead Administrator eCourse and video tutorials will provide participants with the tools and techniques to easily:

Your Lead Teacher will have the tools and knowledge to inspire their colleagues about:

With the Lead Teacher/Lead Administrator eCourse along with the Academic
innovations University video tutorials you’ll receive:

The online video tutorials on Academic Innovations University provide high quality professional development available 24/7 for all professionals on your campus

The online series include short 2-minute to 15-minute videos and archived webinar sessions of a variety of targeted topics.   These are delivered in a sequence that follows the 10-Step Implementation Plan developed from the George Washington Universities’ Freshman Transition Initiative.   These are designed to be shared with staff throughout the campus.   For a list of the topics visit

The Career Choices Lead Teacher Manual

Using the Career Choices Lead Teacher Manual, the sample workshop agendas, and the online video training modules, you can develop a step-by-step professional development plan that can be executed with confidence.

The Career Choices Lead Teacher Manual, includes: The Get Focused…Stay Focused Program and Instructional Manual: How to Implement A School-wide Initiative that Assures ALL Students are College and Career Ready

This manual provides the necessary planning and implementation resources so you can conduct a Get Focused...Stay Focused!® program in a way that assures your students graduate with the attitudes, aptitudes, and plans that research shows encourage college/post ‐secondary completion.

A one-hour webinar based coaching session with a career choices professional development professional to answer questions and provide suggestions as the Lead Teacher finalizes the professional development plans and their customized lesson plans and pacing guides.

Scan the faces at your next faculty meeting for that special someone with strong facilitation skills and the desire to make a difference. If they’re willing to step to the plate, the Career Choices Lead Teacher/Lead Administrator eCourse along with the Academic Innovations University video tutorials can prepare them for a leadership role engendering growth and change in your redesigned school.

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