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Implementing The Stay Focused! Follow-Up Modules
In the 10th, 11th, and 12th Grades

Course Description:
Get Focused Stay Focused!Studies show that revisiting and upgrading future plans is vital to continued student success, which is why the Freshman Transition Initiative recommends the annual updating of students' 10-year Plans. This institute will provide guidance on implementing the Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Follow-up Modules and, to help ensure the long-term success of your efforts, this eCourse will also provide strategies for securing the necessary buy-in, both at the school level and the community level. You'll come away with an action plan to streamline your planning and implementation. These modules are the "Stay Focused" portion of the Get Focused...Stay Focused!v program developed at Santa Barbara City College. They meet the Freshman Transition Standards developed at The George Washington University. The adoption of the complete Get Focused...Stay Focused!® curriculum is a scalable, cost-efficient program that ensures that students will graduate with a carefully-considered career path, an informed major or program of study, a post-secondary institution or training program that not only matches their career and life goals but is affordable, and a Skills-Based Education Plan that facilitates successful entry into a highly competitive workforce. Upon completion of this eCourse, participants will develop a plan for their school or district with the knowledge and skills to implement this progressive program in their districts and regions.

Learning Outcomes:
Person working on computerAt the conclusion of this eCourse, educators will be able to:

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