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Get Focused Stay Focused!One of the most unique features of the Get Focused...Stay Focused!® program is the availability of the online career and education 10-year Plan created in®. This portable plan affords every instructor and counselor in your school the opportunity to understand—in a matter of minutes—the dreams, goals, and plans of each student with whom they come in contact. The comprehensive guidance component of the Get Focused...Stay Focused!® program model includes two opportunities for the advisory process: In this eCourse, you will gather strategies and ideas that will transform the way you work with your students. In addition, you'll learn about the process to create a unique Skills-Based Education Plan that will ensure students are not only college ready but, just as important, career ready with the skills to compete for jobs in their chosen career or industry.

Guidance counselor working on computerLearning Outcomes:
For advisory situations to function at the highest level, instructors, counselors, and advisors need quantitative information about each student as it relates to their education and career goals. The best guidance is provided when support is based on specific examples, rather than from general or vague notions about the student. If advice and mentoring is based on each student’s identifiable career and education goals along with lifestyle expectations, it has more meaning. By having this information online using®, all appropriate stakeholders can quickly access this in-depth information, providing individual guidance easily and efficiently. In this eCourse, educational leaders will learn the strategies and procedures to formalize this process on their campuses.

At the conclusion of this eCourse, educators will be able to:


As state systems increasingly require education plans for all students early in their tenure (because the research is clear), the school-wide initiative of the Freshman Transition/Get Focused...Stay Focused!® program can transform your freshman retention, graduation rates, and campus culture.® provides an online planning area where students can store, update, and save—for the duration of their time in school—the work and data related to the development of their 10-year plans. Quick and easy to access, it provides data-driven information about each student's future plans.  When a student's 10-year plan is online and dynamic, other academic departments can provide opportunities for students to rework and update their plans based on the knowledge students gather in their other courses.

In this eCourse, you'll not only learn how to access the power of this tool for this function but also how to provide professional development to both your guidance staff and academic instructors on techniques for using®. That way, they can personalize their work with students.

The more students are asked to rethink and rework their plans, the more meaningful the plans will become, and the more likely they are to value and strive to meet their stated education and career goals. As they continue to adjust their plans to better reflect their dreams, hopes, and aspirations, they take more ownership.

In addition, as students get in the habit of updating their plans, the more comfortable they get with making decisions that involve change, which in itself is a crucial survival skill in the workforce of the 21st century. Why? Career stability is far less common due to globalization and technological advancements. Knowing how to navigate the ever-changing world of work is crucial. Those that fail to adapt to this new workforce reality could be condemned to a life of subsistence living.

In this eCourse, through reading, watching videos, and working online, you'll learn strategies for the planning, training, and coordination of your academic teams. You'll also prepare for presenting this information to other stakeholders such as parents, employers, or community groups.

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