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How to Implement a Freshman Transition Course that Helps Students Build the Intrinsic Motivation to Succeed

Your participants will discover a Student Success/First-Year Experience course that:

They’ll learn:

  • How entering freshmen can develop meaningful, online career and education 10-year plans.
  • Strategies for using each student’s 10-year plan throughout high school and/or college for advisory functions and academic coaching.
  • How to implement a school-wide program that ensures students complete college and are career ready.
  • Best practices from schools that have been successful with the process.

Who should attend?

From Colleges:
  • Deans of Student Services or Student Affairs
  • College administrators responsible for increasing completion rates
  • Department Chairs for Guidance or Counseling
  • Instructors for Career Planning, College Success, or Freshman experience courses
  • Dual Enrollment/Early College Leadership
  • Educators in charge of developmental courses
From Secondary Schools:
  • Principals and District Leaders
  • Administrators in charge of curriculum
  • Teams of academic instructors in freshman academies
  • Guidance department chairs
  • Administrators in charge of dropout prevention
  • Teams working on High School/College Collaborations


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