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Academic Innovations
Freshman Transition Leadership Institute

The George Washington University

Freshman Transition Leadership Institute

10 Steps for Implementing a Freshman Transition Course
in the 8th or 9th Grade

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Using the Course Standards for Freshman Transition Classes, developed through The George Washington University's Freshman Transition Initiative, learn the 10-Step Plan for Initiating a Freshman Transition Course and implementing a school-wide program that will provide data-driven advisory opportunities.

Featured in the article A Personalized Plan for Life in NASSP's Principal Leadership magazine, this practical system will launch your high school redesign efforts.

Freshman Transition Initiative founder Dr. Rebecca Dedmond gives participants:
  • The tools and templates to develop a comprehensive plan for their Freshman Transition efforts
  • Strategies for implementing a school-wide initiative that takes the advisory function to a new level through the interdisciplinary efforts of all academic departments
  • Strategies for getting buy-in from all stakeholders in your school community
  • A complete manual of resources that includes planning committee job descriptions and planning checklists
Participants receive the Freshman Transition Leadership Manual, which includes:
  • Detailed planning committee job descriptions and structures
  • Teacher recruitment rubrics and curriculum correlations
  • Data and resources to generate buy-in from teachers, parents, school board members, and community partners
  • Planning checklists to keep the Freshman Transition effort on track
  • Management tools to streamline your efforts
  • Research to support Freshman Transition policies
For principals and district administrators
Who Should Attend?
  • High School and middle school principals & vice principals
  • Principals with the team of leaders responsible for Freshman Transition and high school redesign efforts
  • District leaders responsible for innovative dropout prevention strategies
  • School leaders responsible for Freshman Academies
Freshman Transition Course
"The institute is powerful for any school of any level. This program works for the students who are struggling and it also works for students who are very successful."

~Beverly Strickland
Director of Hign School Programs
Duval County Schools
Jacksonville, Fla.