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Career Choices Onsite Workshops

One- or Two-Day Workshops at your Chosen Site

Consider Sponsoring a Career Choices Workshop for Your School, District, Region, or Professional Association Conference

Practical and Proven Solutions
New and progressive theories are great, but they’re not useful if participants leave the workshop without understanding how to implement them in the classroom or school.  Our workshops offer educators practical, proven classroom models, not just theory!

Academic Innovations has conducted over 1,000 workshops around the country and trained more than 30,000 teachers.  These dynamic one- and two-day workshops energize instructors and provide tips and tools for classroom success. 

Participants leave our professional development activities with the tools for success. This one activity could save your team hundreds of hours of planning time.

Participants are introduced to:
  • Motivating and teacher-tested classroom exercises
  • Activities that energize low achievers
  • Project-based learning that challenges high achievers
  • A variety of technology-enhanced teaching strategies
  • Lessons that make academic subjects come alive
  • Classroom management techniques for active learning
We organize and deliver a variety of activities, from national conference presentations to local workshops for teachers, administrators, and/or community partners. Consider:
To learn more about sponsoring a workshop or presentation, contact our Director of Curriculum & Technical Support at (800) 967-8016, ext. 307 or by e-mail at

Our workshops are ideal for:

  • Classroom teachers and administrators responsible for developing Freshman Transition programs
  • Administrators responsible for dropout prevention
  • Language arts and math teachers interested in exploring applied academic curriculum
  • Educators designing and implementing interdisciplinary thematic programs
  • At-risk and special education program teachers and administrators
  • School and district administrators looking for a proven curriculum with a strong track record
  • Educators responsible for integrating academics with career oriented curriculum
  • Career/Technical educators
  • Career Academy and Tech Prep coordinators
"This was by far one of the best workshops I've ever attended. The information given is completely realistic and very interesting.
~Andra Pasquarella, English Teacher
Washington Township High School
Sewell, NJ
"Great workshop on reality. It helps academic teachers see how they can provide career guidance in the classroom."
~Lynn McGee, Tech Prep Director
Amarillo, TX
Who Should Attend?
  • Teachers or teaching teams responsible for their school's Career Choices classes
  • Administrators responsible for Freshman Transition efforts
  • Educators charged with developing dropout prevention strategies
  • Interdisciplinary teams
  • At-risk program coordinators and career educators
  • Tech Prep coordinators and career educators
  • Teachers responsible for integrating career and technical studies and academics
  • English teachers looking for innovative literature-based curricula