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Making this professional development opportunity available to your own constituency

Co-sponsoring colleges will want to make this opportunity available to the faculty and staff of their own college as well as the surrounding colleges and feeder high schools.  Academic Innovations will provide a custom website with its own web address to make that effort efficient and effectiveYou’ll be able to link to this website via email notifications.

In addition, upon request, Academic Innovations will mail a flyer or digital announcement from a college-provided database, if forwarded at least six weeks prior to the workshop. 

Or we can provide the flyers to the college so they can distribute.

Registration of participants from their college and surrounding schools:
While this can be a big job, the co-sponsoring college will not be responsible for this task.  Academic Innovations will track registrations for workshop participants using our online workshop registration system.  This makes this time consuming part of the process easy for the co-sponsor.  

How does it work? 
Both Academic Innovations and your college will be alerting their constituents to this workshop. Then:

  • Individuals register online and are invoiced through that system.
  • If you have a group you want registered, your Academic Innovations Educational Consultant can help facilitate the registration of larger groups through this online system.
Participants you choose to receive the complimentary or discounted registrations noted above will be provided with a special code so they can register online and receive the appropriate discounts.


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