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Please select a large classroom or meeting room that meets these requirements:
  • Available from 7am to 4pm
  • Able to hold between 40 and 60 people (preferably six people to a round table, but rectangle tables are adequate)
  • No stadium seating
  • An 8 to 10 foot area at the front to accommodate the presenter, screen, A/V equipment, and table
  • Square dimensions (long, narrow rooms do not work for this type of event)
  • At least a 9-foot ceiling
  • A screen for PowerPoint/Keynote projection
  • Built in speakers/LCD are a plus, but if not available, we will provide our own
  • Ability to dim or turn off lights during videos

Registration area and staffing requirements:

  • We will need an area where participants can check in/register the morning of the workshop. This will require two long tables equaling at least 16 feet in length, so the books and workshop handouts can be set out. 

Lunch requirements: A buffet or box lunch

If the room is large enough to allow for set-up without disturbing the workshop, then using the back of the meeting room is preferred.  If not, we need a room or area where the lunch can be set up just outside the meeting room so participants don’t have to go too far.

Other important considerations that help make a great workshop, but are not mandatory:

Internet and AV equipment:
Except for a screen, our trainers can travel with their own equipment (e.g., LCD and portable speakers).  However, if the meeting space has this equipment already, this makes the set-up and delivery that much easier and the production quality much better.
    1. Does the room have internet access for the instructor?  For the participants?
    2. Does the room have a built in screen and LCD the trainer could use with their laptop?  Or does the trainer need to bring their files on a hard drive that is hooked up to the existing computer with the LCD? If so, what operating system (Windows or Mac) and presentation software (PowerPoint or Keynote) does this computer run?
    3. What is the availability for technical help if the trainer experiences problems?  Would someone be available to orient the trainer to this equipment an hour before the workshop?
Other considerations which we need your input and suggestions on:
  • Overnight rooms for out-of-town participants and the trainer
    Most of our workshop participants travel from within driving distance of your city and do not spend the night. For the few who do, suggestions of close, good-value hotels would be appreciated.  What close hotel would you suggest the trainer stay?

    What transportation options are available for the trainer from these local hotels to your college?
  • Parking fees or arrangements for the participants
    What on-campus parking is available for outside participants?  Is there a fee?
Catering requirements:
Academic Innovations will pay for the services of the college caterer or an off site caterer.

We like to serve:

  • Morning coffee and tea (caffeinated, decaffeinated, and herbal) prior to the workshop
  • Mid-morning coffee and a healthy snack
  • Buffet lunch (detailed below)
  • Afternoon break with cold drinks and a snack


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