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Incentives for Co-hosting a Workshop

You will receive credits for co-hosting a workshop, which can be used for complimentary registration or books.
  • Provide the approved meeting space-2 credits
  • Promote the training to the entire district, including email and telephone calls (include Academic Innovations in email blasts)-1 credit
  • Coordinate the catering needs for the training, based on the needs of Academic Innovations, Academic Innovations will pay the pre-approved catering fees-1 credit
  • Present on the materials at a district or state level meeting-1 credits
  • Promote outside the district to other districts (include Academic Innovations in email blasts)-1 credit
  • Every additional five paying attendees from co-host's district-1 credit
  • Access to a computer lab - 1 credit
Each credit is good for:
  • 1 Complimentary registration at the training you are having
  • 10 Workbooks
  • 3 Career Choices Books
  • 10 LifeStyleMath Books
  • 4 Instructors' Guides
  • 8 Possibilities Books
  • 3 Career Choices & Changes
Fill out the workshop co-hosting application

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