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Would you like to co-host a workshop?

Are you considering providing a location and/or co-hosting a workshop for Academic Innovations, here are a few things to consider (please do not consider co-hosting without being able to meet the following):

  • Quiet, private meeting space/facility free from distractions
  • Space availability from 7:30 am-4:30 pm on the day(s) of the training
  • Food and drinks must be allowed either in the meeting room or another space convienently located
  • Must have a large projection screen available, ideally one that is portable
  • Must have adequate tables and seating for 30-90 people with room to work at tables - depending on training type
  • For workshops with more than 50 we will need sound capabilities and a microphone for the presenter and sound for the computer
  • Must be able to contract/cater all food and beverage needs easily through your site or an outside caterer.
  • Must be able to set up prior to the workshop--ideally the afternoon/evening before
  • Must have one on-site point person prior to and on the day of the event (ideally at the training, but not required
  • Must be able to provide a diagram or pictures of the room
  • Must alert Academic Innovations ahead of time of any potential problems
  • Must have power access for equipment
  • Once contracted, date and location cannot be changed
  • Academic Innovations reserves the right to cancel a workshop if a minimum number of attendees is not reached.
  • Academic Innovations will provide trainer, books, handouts, AV equipment

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