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Go With What Works. The Numbers: Over 2 million high school and college students have taken a freshman course using the award-winning Career Choices series. Today over 450 high schools and colleges use Career Choices series texts in their Get Focused...Stay Focused! and Guided Pathways programs. The Results: This course increases the number of students who are college and career ready. Carpinteria High School increased the number of graduates who met the requirements for admission to the state university system from 24% to 47%.
Bring Your High School and/or College Planning Teams to a
One-day Workshop
Transforming Pathways for Student Success and Completion -
Overview of the Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Program Model

An understanding of Freshman Transition Strategies

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Not just theory, but practical and proven programs used by thousands of educators with over 2 million students. At this workshop, you'll learn how to launch a freshman course that will:
  • Raise high school graduation and college completion rates
  • Increase the intrinsic motivation to succeed academically
  • Assure ALL students are college and career ready
Learn how your freshmen can develop:
  • A carefully-considered career path
  • An informed major or program of study
  • A post-secondary education or training plan that matches their career and life goals and is affordable
  • A meaningful online 10-year Plan based on a career pathway
  • A unique Skills-based Education Plan that facilitates successful entry into a highly competitive workforce
You'll discover the:
  • Freshman Transition Standards from The George Washington University's Freshman Transition Initiative
  • Get Focused...Stay Focused!® High School/College Collaboration Model used in over 400 high schools and colleges
  • Strategies for using each student's 10-year plan for advisory functions and academic coaching
  • Best practices from schools that have experienced success
You'll come away with:
  • Copies of an award-winning proven curriculum that helps students recognize the valued of education and the importance of staying in school.
  • A comprehensive plan for implementing a proven program that results in reducing dropout rates and increasing academic achievement.
  • Most important: Practical and Proven Solutions
Who should attend?
  • Principals and superintendents
  • Academic Chairs and Deans responsible for Freshman Experience and Student Success
  • Freshman Academy and Career Pathways teams
  • Administrators responsible for high school graduation and college completion
  • Freshman course instructors—both high school and college
10 reasons you want to attend one of these workshops:
  • Our trainers are the best
  • We use the latest technology to enhance your workshop experience
  • Not just theory, but practical solutions to share with your school teams
  • Experience – we've been helping schools impact their dropout rates for over 27 years
  • Hear from students, teachers, and administrators about their experiences (via video).
  • You'll come away with samples of a proven, award-winning curriculum
  • You wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel – get results from the first day of class.
  • We're candid about what works --- and what doesn't
  • It's an outstanding value -- so you'll want to bring a team
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed

Join Us to Learn about a Classroom-based, Comprehensive Guidance Course
and the Online 10-Year Career and Education Plan that
Launches Freshmen into a Life of Self-sufficiency

At the end of the day, you'll be saying to yourself,
I wish I would have had this course when I was growing up.


I cannot attend, but I would like to preview the curriculum.

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