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How to Implement a 2- to 3-Unit College Freshman Course
Instructional Strategies for Student Success/First-Year Experience Courses

Course Description:
Get Focused Stay Focused!This eCourse is for college instructors, guidance department chairs, deans, and administrators charged with developing strategies to keep students in college and completing in a timely fashion. Using the Career Choices and Changes workbook and®, discover a cost-effective way to develop a hybrid, classroom-based, first-year guidance course that teaches students a quantifiable decision-making process that will help them envision and plan for a future that is productive, achievable, and stimulating. The resulting online, personalized career and education 10-year plan provides the focus and intrinsic motivation to succeed in college, at work, and in life. In addition, learn how this online 10-year career and education plan can be used by all campus staff for in-depth advisory functions and academic coaching. You'll discover how to create buy-in and provide the professional development necessary for all stakeholders. You'll leave with a plan for developing and then implementing a first-year experience course that will get the results you require to meet state and accreditation requirements, while at the same time requiring minimal resource allocation.

Person working on computerLearning Outcomes:
At the conclusion of this eCourse, participants will:
  1. Implement the Student Success/Freshman Transition/First-Year Experience course with fidelity.
  2. Develop a comprehensive lesson plan and pacing guide for your course.
  3. Understand the online 10-year planning process using® in order to be able to orient all campus personnel (counselors and instructors) on its use for advising and academic coaching.
Topics include:

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Cost:  $249 which includes the books and special online license noted above.

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