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Self-directed Online Learning Opportunities eCourse®
How to Manage® and Provide Campus Professional Development

Course Description:

This eCourse was designed for instructors from secondary schools, colleges and post-secondary training programs who want to incorporate more technology into their Career Choices Series course.* It is also for administrators who want to provide professional development to ensure its campus-wide use for academic coaching and counseling. This eCourse provides background, tips, and strategies to successfully launch your course from the first day with a primary focus on®.® is more than just an electronic rendering of the planning process outlined in the Career Choices Series. It is a comprehensive, internet-based system delivering 98 exercises, activities, and surveys that interact with the learner, facilitating a decision-making process that culminates in the development of a personalized 10-year plan that is not only quantitative, but more important, meaningful.® is not a canned, one-size-fits-all experience where the learner has little control over or relationship with the outcome, similar to those found on the Department of Labor websites. Instead,® enhances the textbook giving the computer a role that reaches beyond that of "tool" to something more akin to that of a coach, counselor, or mentor. The system gently guides, prompts, and, where necessary, prods the student through an in-depth decision-making process.  The end result is an online career and skills-based education plan.

Learning Outcomes:

At the conclusion of this eCourse, participants will:

  • Manage and support the® program on campus.
  • Share the® process with the whole campus and why it is important for student success.
  • Provide professional development to the whole school on how® is used for academic coaching and advising.
  • If a high school, and you are not the School Site Executive for the campus, then help recruit and train the SSE.
  • Work with your principal or dean to create a plan for campus-wide use of®.
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Who would benefit from this eCourse?

From High Schools
  • Career Choices Series instructors with year-long programs who are looking to integrate more technology
  • Instructional Technology professionals
  • School Site Executives for®
  • Career Center professionals
From Post-secondary
  • College instructors adopting/reviewing the Career Choices and Changes curriculum
  • Career Center professionals
  • Instructional Technology professionals
  • School Site Executives for®
  • College counselors

With your registration you’ll receive:

Books includedTexts or Materials:
  • Instructor's and Administrator's Guide for Career Choices and® 8th Edition 2020
  • Career Choices and Changes
  • Adapted Workbook for Career Choices
  • Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Program and Instructional Manual
  • Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Follow-up Module 1 Workbook
    • Developing Attitudes and Aptitudes to Promote College and Career Readiness
  • Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Follow-up Module 2 Workbook
    • Determining Your Informed Major and Post-Secondary Education Path
  • Get Focused...Stay Focused!® Follow-up Module 3 Workbook
    • Preparing to Act on Your 10-year Education and Career Plan
Online Course Materials and Platforms:
  • Online license to The Teachers' Lounge
  • Online license to The Instructor’s Resource Center
  • Special participant license to the online Academic Innovations University. Access the site using the login information. This will allow you to create your own username/password.
  • Access to a demo account for® Interactive that is populated with a sample student plan
  • License to® Interactive
  • PTA account to a® student account
  • Teacher account to®
  • Blank student account to®

The Teachers' Lounge
The Instructor's Resource Center
Academic Innovations University

Cost:  $249 which includes the books and special online license noted above.
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