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Increase your FTES with the research-based Get Focused…Stay Focused!® program and strengthen your K12 collaborations

Kern Community College District started implementing the Get Focused Stay Focused program model with their area high schools in 2016. With the foundation provided by the Get Focused Stay Focused 9th grade dual enrollment course, KCCD increased their dual enrollment from 4,216 to 34,086, making their dual enrollment program one of the largest in the state.

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When you bring this workshop opportunity to your area, your high school and college educators will learn about a 9th Grade Dual Enrollment course that:
  • Propels students to make INFORMED pathway decisions so, upon entry into your college, they persist and persevere within their chosen pathway
  • Provides students with up to 6 units of college credit, boosting CCI metrics on the CA Dashboard and laying a foundation for meeting the goal of ALL students leaving high school with at least 12 college credits
  • Exposes your area high school students to high-wage/high-demand careers in your region and the pathways offered by your local community college(s) that provide the necessary training

OUTCOME: Participants will learn about proven strategies in order to partner with your college to submit a proposal for the Golden State Pathways Program $500 million in available funding.


to bring this high-quality professional development to your area

Workshop Title:

How to Implement a Proven 9th Grade Dual Enrollment Course

Help Students Build the Intrinsic Motivation to Succeed with a Model Career Pathway Program

This low-cost professional development for your K12 partners and your own faculty and staff provides:
  • Up to 6 hours of in-person training with a certified trainer
  • Each participant with all workshop materials, including a complimentary set of the Get Focused course platform and Instructor’s Guide – a $93.90 value!
Leave the details to us!
In addition to providing your area high school and college educators with a workshop that will provides the necessary ONRAMP to career pathways, we’ll also:
  • Provide marketing support in the form of:
    • customized flyers (PDFs)
    • a promotional website landing page
    • newsletter copy
    • sample emails
  • Send out a press release to your area media to promote your college’s participation in the co-sponsored event
  • Provide a weekly report on who is registering using our online event system

  • And, so that you can follow up with the school teams and continue building your dual enrollment partnerships to make the goal of every 9th grade student taking a dual enrollment course a reality, after the workshop you’ll get:
  • A final report of who attended the workshop
  • PDF copies of the feedback forms

  • As an experienced professional development provider that has trained over 60,000 educators over the last 25 years, we have the systems and tools to quickly and efficiently implement this workshop. Our experienced team will take over all operational aspects. All you have to do is provide the meeting space, lunch, and promotion to your regional schools.
Let us help you build the capacity of the educators in your area as they learn:
  • How to implement a 9th grade dual enrollment course that is the onramp to successful entry into a career pathway that resonates with a student’s goals and lifestyle plans
  • How entering freshmen (high school and college) can develop personalized and skills-based, online 10-year career and education plans
  • How to implement a school-wide program that ensures students are college and career ready
  • Strategies for using students’ 10-year plans throughout high school and college for advisory functions and academic coaching
  • Best practices from schools that have demonstrated success with the Get Focused Stay Focused program

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